About Us

About Us       About MFA

The Makassed Foundation of America (MFA) is a U.S. non-profit, (501) (c) (3) tax exempt philanthropic organization created in 1999 to support the underprivileged communities in Lebanon.
The association seeks to increase public awareness in the U.S. about the social, medical, cultural, and environmental issues facing Lebanon, and to engage Americans in supporting MFA’s humanitarian projects.
With its office in Washington D.C. and board membership spread throughout the U.S., MFA acts as a bridge between the people of America and the people of Lebanon.

Our Principles



We strive to build communities where young people are educated, women are empowered and all people get needed healthcare.



MFA’s mission is to advance education, empower women, and provide health care and medical assistance for underprivileged communities in Lebanon.


Core Values

  • Education is essential for economic and social progress;
  •  Women are vital contributors to such progress;
  •  Everyone has an equal right to educational opportunities and health care;
  • Civic engagement is a basic component of social, economic and cultural strength.