We believe that women are vital contributors to economic and social progress.

While Lebanon is generally known for its recognition of the rights of girls and women, problems remain. The Makassed Association’s commitment to improving the lives of and opportunities for women dates back to Makassed founding in 1878, when it established two schools for girls in Beirut. 

In addition to providing traditional schooling opportunities for young girls, MFA also provides educational opportunities for nontraditional female students through the financial assistance to Makassed literacy and vocational training programs for women in underserved areas in Lebanon. 

To directly address such needs, Al Makassed set up in 2014 Ward Al Makassed, the first community development center of its kind in Beirut’s impoverished neighborhood of Tarik Al-Jadidah. Its mission is to provide women and youth with job opportunities, education and capacity-building through rapid vocational training. 

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